• Summer Swinson

Yeah, Your Instagram Pictures are Pretty

As part of my job, I observe social media accounts - businesses in particular. Everyone from dentists, to retail shops, to influencers. I see a lot of people just copying what they are seeing from other accounts, snagging the trendy filters, posing sexy women, traveling to gorgeous places… But nothing ever really grabs me, it’s just a pretty blur.

After a while of seeing the same types of posts over and over again, I realized why I was just zoning out and basically scrolling mindlessly past each one without stopping to pay attention to the business or the content they were putting out. It wasn’t enticing. Why? Because there was no message besides, “look how pretty this is”. No call to action.

You’ve been there - scrolling through Instagram photos on and on, and suddenly two hours has passed. Whoa. Why was it that easy? I feel that we don’t stop until something breaks the pattern. Stands out. Takes our attention hostage.

When the focus of your content becomes just beauty it becomes just a photo. Obviously Instagram is an image-based platform, but who says you can’t use your images to communicate a message? Use your photos as a tiny social media billboard for your business.

Try this. Don’t just choose the prettiest photos in your index to post. Plan out what you’re posting and why. Find something that tells a story, relates to a message, leaves them wanting more. Try posting something unusual, maybe even… not beautiful. Shake it up. Be genuine about it, with your focus on communicating a message, or asking a question - intrigue your audience enough to break the browsing and wander into your virtual office.

Summer Swinson is a female entrepreneur, and the owner of Summer Swinson Media & Design, which specializes in developing and implementing strategies for small businesses to evolve their marketing presence to the highest level. Her focus is to emphasize the extraordinary in your business - highlight what sets you apart. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Communications from Full Sail University and marketing experience working with a multitude of industries, Summer is passionate about utilizing the most creative resources to level up your marketing from stagnant to stellar!


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