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Mobile Marketing & Cultural Context 101

We are living in a progressively digital society, catering heavily to people on-the-go. Understanding consumer behavior, and primarily your target audience and their specific habits is incredibly important to determine how to build your marketing strategy and what methods you use. Using resources such as Google Analytics, you will find patterns among the people who visit your site, such as where they are coming from or what devices they use to browse.

More often than not in the majority of industries, the larger portion of your audience will be coming from mobile - especially for industries like food & beverage, travel and emergency needs (i.e. towing). Because of this influx of mobile users, you need to tailor your marketing to be mobile efficient both in the presentation (website mobile-friendliness, paid ads or apps) and meeting the needs of your consumer (Call-to-action).

In addition to determining how your target audience is finding you, you must also be aware of the culture characteristics and behaviors of the market you are intending to advertise to. Each culture has distinguishing search habits and mobile usage behavior. Depending on the regions you are marketing to, recognizing the individual needs and anticipating their behavior is vital to constructing an effective campaign that will result in higher conversions.

Do they respond to promotions via push notifications or text messages? Are they opposed to advertisements that do not organically flow with the context of the website they appear in? What search terms or languages do they use? Do mobile apps appeal to them and garner a high rate of interaction? Are they tech savvy? What type of budget is a factor in their decision making process? What are the religious and political views shared by the majority of the region and holidays that will affect their decision making impulses? The answers to many of these questions will depend on the regions you market to, and your will find the most successful campaigns are a result of knowing your audience segments and their behavior through and through.

Here are a few great resources:


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