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Case Study - Target

Target has been a consumer favorite for many years to date. It’s just something about their happy, fun commercials, their cute products and affordable prices. In recent years (2013), Target went the extra mile to make every effort to really know their customers. Target had launched technology that allow them to collect data about their customers’ purchases, in order to understand their demographic a little better. This information helped them to specifically target the right customers and find out what they really want. (A Few Words…) This year, Rick Gomez, the head of marketing for Target has revealed new campaigns that highlight being able to use target for just about anything, with an emphasis on a quick trip to get what you need. For Target, they have always wanted to prove that they have what you need, even if it is a Caramel Frappuccino from their Licensed Starbucks Cafes (Pasquarelli).

Being able to transcend above the Walmarts, Kmarts and other big name retailers in their vertical really has always been about proving that they fit their consumer’s needs better. Through tireless research of their average customer, Target has been able to put a lot of fun into their marketing and promote families having that fun. Target has also made it a point to carry brands that are trending in pop culture designs and propaganda. In recent years, they have made it a point to constantly have Star Wars merchandise in stock throughout the store, to cater to the ever-growing groupies of the popular franchise (Waterbury).

One of the biggest trial and error moments for the Target Corporation came in 2011 when they decided to move away from Amazon and creating and managing their own site. This decision came from the frustration that Amazon wasn’t able to create a site that was as sophisticated as they wanted their site to be. However, once the time had arrived to launch their new DIY site, their developers struggled to get the site running properly. The in-house developers battled with the site consistently crashing for quite some time, which was a big scare so close to holiday shopping and Black Friday (Moylan).

Again in 2014, Target struggled once again with technology, as their system was hacked and numerous customers’ information was stolen. This huge failure caused a widespread panic in the Corporation and its consumers equally the same, but for different reasons. Ironically, this trial and error moment was brought about in their recent efforts to collect customer information to build custom demographics on their audience - which was both genius and terrifying (Lipka).

Throughout the years and past their trials and errors, Target has managed to keep a loyal and growing following of their brand by paying attention to the needs of their consumers. Whether it is to fulfill a need for their home, or whether they are catering to their consumers’ latest fad craving, Target has always made sure to bring it all to the table in a bright, fun and cheery package.


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